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StoneGate Capital Group

Creatively Enhancing Business Values

for Over 35 Years

Special Resources for Unusual Situations

What do pursuing a new opportunity, acquiring a business, responding to a disruption, and a business restructuring have in common? Each is dramatically transforming. And, all are outside the scope of normal, day-to-day management. That’s why successful navigation requires specialized expertise and experience not commonly found in operating management teams.

StoneGate Capital Group has helped guide client companies through transforming events and complex transactions for over thirty-five years. We specialize in company start-ups and ramp-ups; business line expansions and acquisitions; reorganizations and turn-arounds; short-term, long-term, and exit planning; and, structuring related financings. Our highly disciplined processes for analysis, strategy development, and tactical planning have been refined over decades of experience.

StoneGate professionals have also acquired, restructured, formed, financed, and developed more than twenty-five businesses as operating principals. We can understand our clients' business dynamics, appreciate their potential, and relate to their opportunities, issues and problems.

We are also uniquely positioned to help facilitate “best practices” consolidations of organizations and to mediate conflicts and stressful business or financial situations.

For an intense overview of how the disciplines taught in a typical MBA program are used in "real life" to manage a business enterprise, we offer our StoneGate One Day MBA program.