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  • You want to start a New Company or Division. Because few individuals start more than one business in a lifetime, most businesses are launched by people whose business experience is limited to going concern management. That experience does not prepare them for the processes and challenges of forming a company and commencing operations. We have provided the analysis and budgeting for the launch of dozens of companies, many as principals. StoneGate can help guide you through the start-up process and help you establish initial systems and operating infrastructure that will support your ramp-up.

  • You want to Develop or Acquire an Underperforming Company or Operation. Developing an underperforming business is not the same as operating a thriving company. And, acquiring such a business has unique transactional considerations. StoneGate can provide acquisition analysis, structuring advice, and management systems and programs for performance development. In that regard, StoneGate can help with due diligence, market analysis, strategic planning, acquisition negotiations, operational and management integration, financing, and turn-around planning.

  • Executive Advisory and Peer Consultation Program (EA/PC Program). StoneGate’s EA/PC Program provides entrepreneurs, organization CEOs/COOs, and professional service firm managing principals (Program members) with structured, confidential and unbiased consulting, coaching and peer consultation. The Program provides members with the opportunity to discuss problems, opportunities, unusual situations, and overall leadership and decision making in an ongoing, structured relationship with the Program Chair, Joel Hartstone, and with the other Program members. StoneGate limits EA/PC Program membership so that Program members’ businesses do not compete and so that the Program Chair can personally provide thoughtful consulting and coaching (often referred to as "coachsulting") to each member.

    The structure is designed to assure that (a) members’ issues will be addressed on a frequent and continuing basis, (b) there are numerous opportunities to raise new issues, (c) there is time for deep discussions, and (d) there is attention paid to new opportunities, not just problems.

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  • Your company needs help with a highly complex transaction. Few companies find it necessary to structure highly complex transactions or arrangements on a regular basis. As a result, few management teams have the transactional experience to foresee the many ways a complex deal structure could later bind a company or liberate it from potential problems. Whether involved in a merger, acquisition, sale, restructuring, or financing, StoneGate can help your company craft a structure that will best achieve your goals while satisfying other deal constituents' needs.

  • Mediation could help resolve a stressful situation. You have a deal closing dispute or you are mired in a seemingly irresoluble business situation.  Complex legal proceedings could result, eroding value and increasing uncertainty, distraction and resolution time. We can provide creative mediation services to help parties reach mutually acceptable resolutions in a business forum and avoid litigation.

  • Your media company needs an event strategy. Senior managements of traditional media companies have little first-hand experience with concert production or other event planning. We can help your company formulate an effective, overall, event production strategy and a tactical action plan for implementation.

  • StoneGate's One Day MBA Program. StoneGate's One Day MBA program was designed for business managers, especially those with no formal business education.  It can quickly enhance their business understanding, management skills, and decision-making process. The program also provides professionals who serve business clients (attorneys, consultants, IT mgrs., media sales reps., etc.) with a broad understanding of their clients’ problems, issues, objectives, and business processes so they can better anticipate their clients’ needs and serve them more effectively. Based on decades of “on the street” experience, this one-day business boot camp focuses on how the primary teachings of eight business school subjects are put into every day practice by CEOs and management teams.  And, it shows how the subjects interrelate in the overall management of an enterprise. For a video preview of StoneGate's One Day MBA Program, Click Here.