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StoneGate Capital Group

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for Over 35 Years

About StoneGate

StoneGate Capital Group History

StoneGate’s business was originally formed as Hartstone & Dickstein Incorporated in 1982. Renamed StoneGate Capital Group in 1994, the Group has continued to provide strategic business and transactional advice and consulting services, principally regarding new company development, business expansions and acquisitions; exit strategies; operating reorganizations; financial restructurings; and other transitional situations. In addition, StoneGate can provide crisis management for companies requiring an immediate management change.

StoneGate is best known for its work in the media industry, especially radio, television, and Internet. However, its projects have involved companies in a wide spectrum of other industries, ranging from medical devices to general aviation aircraft. Over the last 35 years, StoneGate has guided its clients through nearly $3 billion of transactions, involving hundreds of businesses.

In earlier careers, StoneGate principals structured tens of billions of dollars of financial transactions, involving dozens of industries.

StoneGate Principals

For over thirty-five years, StoneGate has partnered with numerous outstanding operating managers, entrepreneurs, financiers, and investors on a project-by-project basis. Together, we have built many successful companies and they remain available for ongoing StoneGate projects.

StoneGate’s original principal is Joel Martin Hartstone. Mr. Hartstone co-founded the company in 1982. Before founding the company, Mr. Hartstone was managing partner of a law firm, specializing in corporate finance, investment law, and bankruptcy law.

Since 1997, Claudia Siegle Horn has been an active principal of StoneGate. Prior to joining StoneGate, Ms. Horn was the managing principal of Prime Capital, a boutique investment bank that was combined with StoneGate when she became a principal of the firm.

Mr. Hartstone and Ms. Horn are readily accessible to all StoneGate clients.

Internet and Event Production Strategies

StoneGate has been actively involved with Internet companies since 1999. In 2002, T. Jarrett Hartstone joined StoneGate to manage an affiliated online company and design online revenue programs for traditional media companies. In addition, he is President of Hartstone Productions, a music production company formed in 2005.  Hartstone Productions has, among other things, arranged over 30 U.S. Virgin Islands concert tours (8 to 10 venues each) featuring U.S. based bands. Mr. Hartstone is available for StoneGate assignments involving client concert and other event production and marketing projects for traditional media companies.